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I was a little older when I decided to get my real estate license.  My

husband suggested it. It sounded like a great  idea. That was in 1985…

Even after over 30 years, it’s the most satisfying feeling when I find that perfect home
for my clients. It’s like, bingo! It’s very emotional for me and I still get goosebumps!
Real estate is more than finding houses. It’s about helping people and forming relationships.

I always felt that a house is a home. Even if you live in it, it’s an investment, a place to raise
your family, a place to entertain. No matter where you move, your house will always be your
home for your family.

Helping couples downsize is very important to me. Empty rooms, property you don't need,
and being far from conveniences causes unnecessary stress. You’ve worked your whole lives,
and you deserve to be in a place of simplicity and freedom. When you downsize, it's hard to
leave memories behind, yes. But your house becomes your freedom and enjoyment. It’s your
end goal, and what you’ve been working toward.

My job is to find your next dream home, negotiate your terms and smoothly transition you

into it. You want experience, strategy, focus, passion, and attention. With over 34 years in

the business, over $200 million sold, a nationally syndicated radio show in my pocket, and

a multilingual team, it’s my privilege to provide top-notch service. How I accomplish this...


5 Simple Steps to Downsizing:
1. Establish Your Needs & Wants
2. Preview & Negotiate
3. Divest & Employ Divesting Team
4. Stage & Prep for Sale
5. List/Market/Target


  • Selling real estate since 1985
  • Former nationally syndicated real estate radio show host
  • Thousands of transactions closed
  • Company-wide top selling agent
  • Greater Los Angeles area expert
  • Professional divesting and staging team
  • Multilingual partners
  • Cutting edge digital marketing
  • Wide-reach international exposure

Concierge Real Estate

Exclusive Service


I also feel it’s important to give back. Supporting worthy causes that provide relief to struggling

families around the world, food for starving children, life saving treatments and smiles to kids

with cancer is a strong value of mine. For each closed escrow, a donation is made to support

wonderful nonprofits such as Food for the Poor, St. Jude, and Sunshine Kids. What a great feeling

to make a difference!