50% for Agent Referrals

Most standard referral fee agreements are 20-25%.  I pay 50%.
I have been selling for over 32 years and am on a 100% commission basis, which means I can and will pay you 50% for your referrals - twice the standard 25%.  This works for buyers & sellers.  I double-end most of my listings, so you will make 50% on the listing side AND on the selling side.  My team and I speak 4 languages and have some super programs to help sellers & buyers monetarily.
Do you have an overflow of business?
Do you have clients out of your area that you can't properly service? 
Are you having a personality conflict with any of your clients?
Refer them to me and get 50%.  Just send me your referral fee agreement form to get started.  I look forward to working with you!